1. I got a new dress! Holla

    Deb size 3x

  2. myhappyfat:


    Space Ballerina

    Necklace - Blackheart Creatives
    Top - Domino Dollhouse
    Skirt - Forever 21+
    Lip color - Candy Yum Yum by Mac

    In love.

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  3. lunarpuppy:

    i wore this outside to get hamburgers/french fries and then come back in

    im an icicle

    the temperature outside is back to like 10 degrees 

    im taking pictures of stuff to sell but it’s hard for some reason

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  4. kittiecupcakes:


    Self styled alexandraxojenna shot by anotherfamilyforwar

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    Certified #KillerKurves

    I want to be you

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  5. londonsan:

    Here is a fat mermaid to brighten up your day.

    Underwater Stock Credit

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  9. fatseux:


    PBS’ Independent Lens short video on Ragen Chastain and More Cabaret

    IMPORTANT! Watch this please!

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  10. queenieseas:

    "I’m 5’8” and over 350lbs. I train for triathlons & compete against myself. I’m a cancer survivor and I love the person that I am. I have always been a big girl and I love surprising people. Let’s squash the stereotype & show the world how beautiful we are! =D

    <3 Jess

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